Brabant vote rigging investigated

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The frontrunner for a local party in Dongen, Brabant, has possibly encouraged his party members to rig the votes. The municipality announced on their website that the mayor has filed a report on Tuesday. 

Martin Montens of the Democratisch Podium sent an e-mail to his party members in which he asks them to gather absentee votes of acquaintances who wouldn't be voting on Wednesday. Whether they did so, is unknown.

On Tuesday, the mayor went to the police with the "inciting to, or provocation of vote rigging" If Montens is found guilty, he could spend up to a month in jail, or pay a fine €8100. The Public Prosecution Authority is investigating.

Montens clarified that he only wanted to call attention to the possibility to be power of attorney for someone. "I never realized that this could mean any form of rigging." The governing board "rejects and regrets" Montens' actions.

There have been several messages of vote rigging over the last few weeks. Municipalities Roermond and Valkenburg aan de Geul (Limburg), Heusden (North Brabant), Soest (Utrecht), Bergen (North Holland), and Twenterand (Overijssel).