G7 to talk Crimea "land grab" in Hague

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Leaders from Canada, France, Japan, Germany, U.S., Italy, and Great-Britain, the G7, will discuss the Crimea crisis next week in The Hague during the nuclear summit, announced the White House Tuesday. The Russian President, Putin, signed an agreement earlier today, annexing Crimea into the Russian Federation. Western countries condemn Russia's actions.

Russia is guilty of land grabbing and violates international law by doing so, according to American Vice-president, Joe Biden. "The NATO will defend itself collectively and by 2018 there will be a missile defense system in Poland," promised Biden. Poland called on the NATO for support. Last week reports surfaced about 7 of the G8-countries wanting to ban Russia from their midst. Merkel denied Russia was banned, and said no decision has been made yet. Laurent Fabius, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs stated in a radio interview the leading industrialized countries will bar Russia for now.


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