D66 polling strong in the Hague

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Maurice de Hond, Dutch pollster, has revealed that the D66 becoming the biggest party in The Hague. An opinion poll shows that the D66 is winning two seats, and comes out at eight seats in total. The PVV and the PvdA are both losing, stuck at seven seats. 

Research bureau TNS NIPO last week Thursday still said that the PVV and the PvdA have the biggest chance to triumph at the municipal council elections on Wednesday. According to the bureau, both parties would end up with about seven or eight seats, while the D66 would only get six or seven.

Maurice de Hond is saying otherwise. Last weekend, at the request of the D66, de Hond did some research among 600 The Hague residents. "The poll shows that it's a three-way struggle in The Hague. D66 has the wind in her sails and we can really become the biggest.

"It's up to us to make sure that The Hague keeps moving forward and doesn't come to a standstill under PVV leadership" said D66 frontrunner Ingrid van Engelshoven.

A poll in Amsterdam also pegs D66 for the win in the city.