Dutch firm tapped for Alfa Romeo 4C chassis

Dutch firm and market leader for material technology Ten Cate from Nijverdal has closed a deal with Italian car manufacturers Alfa Romeo.

The firm will make the components for the chassis of the new Alfa Romeo 4C, they announced Tuesday morning.

The new model will me made with carbon fibers, which will make it light but strong. It will also help reduce CO2 emissions.

It will not be a cheap car. The buyer will have to fork out around €60 thousand for the new Alfa Romeo 4C.

Ten Cate, which is known for artificial grass surfaces, produces these fibers. Director Frans Meurs calls this deal a milestone.

The firm has been delivering materials to car manufacturers for quite some time, but these have mainly been players in the Formula-1 industry. What makes the deal unique is that Ten Cate will now also deliver for 'normal' sports cars.

"Formerly, it was about smaller numbers, with this deal it is about mass production. It means that the use of carbon fibers has also broken through to the cheaper segment", a spokesperson for the firm says.

The chassis will be made in Italy. This is where 3-4 thousand sports cars will be rolling out of the factory.