Prosecutor wants 18 years for girl's murder

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53-year-old Geert B, suspected of manslaughter of 8-year-old Semiha Metin, among other crimes, heard a sentence of 18 years imprisonment and detention with coercive psychiatric treatment against him, Thursday, in the court of Leeuwarden. Semiha had been home alone that day, on February 14, 1991, when her neighbor across the street, B., sexually assaulted and strangled her.

The Public Prosecution and B. both appealed the court's decision at the time. The court ruled a high prison sentence would complicate a return to society. Police arrested Geert B. in 2009 for suspicion of sexual abuse of another very young girl next door. B. also stands trial for this and another sexual abuse case. After B.'s arrest in 2009, police found around 18,000 pictures and films with child pornography. Behavioral experts agree the risk of B. assaulting other young girls is very high. For that reason the Public Prosecution wants B. to be subjected to detention with coercive psychiatric treatment after completing his prison sentence. B. had already been a suspect in 1991, but police could not find solid evidence against him at the time. DNA testing after his 1991 arrest led police to traces found on the nightgown, used to strangle Semiha. The court will announce its decision on March 6.