Thief swipes 11-yr-old's phone

An 11-year old boy was robbed of his phone on Monday in Haarlem. 

The culprit, a man in his 40s with a grey beard, used force to rip the phone out of the boy's hands.

They were both riding on their bikes in opposite directions, the boy talking on his phone, when the thief snatched the phone. The man then elbowed the boy off his bike before cycling in the direction of the Emmaplein.

The boy only injured his hand when he fell.

The police is urging people to watch their smartphones, as they are expensive items on the wish lists of many criminals.

The police also advise that people note the series number of their phones, which can be found by dialing *#06#, or looking at the sticker under the battery. This number can be used by the police for investigation, and to search the database of stolen phones.

You can also activate your Yunu (Your Unique Number), so that your phone only works with your sim card. Instructions can be found in the phone manual.

Apps for smartphone security are also available online.