Small town cold case homicide solved

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The police have apprehended a man in Beckum who is thought to be responsible for physically abusing the Meijerink couple in 1997. 

The male victim of the couple died from his injuries some time after the abuse took place. The suspect is awaiting a hearing, and will be taken before the examining judge.

The suspect is a 47-year old male from Haarlem. He was apprehended on Tuesday at his home. The man is suspected of the violent physical abuse of the couple Meijerink. They were assaulted in their home in Beckum on the night of the 23rd of August in 1997.

Both the man and the woman were taken to hospital with serious injuries. On the 26th of September, 1997, the man died from his injuries.

The arrest is the result of a renewed investigation into the abuse. The investigation points to links between this incident and an earlier one that also took place in Beckum. In the earlier incident, a man, who was staying at a home opposite the Meijerink couple, was involuntarily taken away and molested. This man was known in the underground sex scene in Enschede, where he still had large outstanding debts.