Pirate Party too late with appeal on name

The Pirate Party has objected too late to Erwin Lensink using the party name for municipal council elections, allowing Lensink to run in the elections. 

Lensink, who threw a tea light candle holder at the Golden Carriage on Prinsjesdag in 2010, has been allowed to run for election under the Pirate Party banner which the Council of State determined in a lawsuit that the party filed against the central voting office of the Nijmegen municipality.

Several weeks ago, it appeared that Lensink had entered himself under the Pirate Party for municipal council elections. The party itself had actually decided against running. Lensink left the party, but he maintained the registration under the same name.

The Pirate Party filed an objection at the highest governing board judge, but the period for objection had expired on Tuesday evening at 11:59 p.m.

The party could not make a plausible argument as to why there was a delay on Monday. The judge could therefore not come to an assessment of substance of the objection against Lensink's registration under the name Pirate Party.