Campaigning halted by Borst death

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Social liberal party D66 halted all political campaigning until Tuesday to commemorate party members Els Borst and Ernst Bakker, who both passed away, announced national campaign leader, Kees Verhoeven, Thursday. All local fractions were called on to stop campaigning for the upcoming City Council elections until Tuesday.

The Rotterdam chairman, Salima Belhaj is saddened by the news, 'even more so now that it known how she died,' said Belhaj, who thinks naturally you don't campaign during such a time. The body of former Minister of Health and D66 member, Els Borst, was found Monday evening in the garage of her home in Bilthoven. Given the injuries on the body and based on results from the investigation so far, police think it's highly likely she was the victim of a crime. The investigation is still ongoing as it is unclear at this point who could be responsible for the death of the politician. 'Murder, manslaughter, everything is possible,' said prosecutor Johan Bac.