2theloo founder dies in car accident

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The founder of 2theloo, 44-year-old Eric Treurniet, lost his life in a car crash last week Friday on a freeway in Belgium, after barely realizing his dream to expand his creation to all continents. During heavy rains Treurniet lost control over the wheel of his Porsche and crashed into a pole. 2theloo is a chain of classy public restrooms that come with extras.

Besides going to a clean, classy restroom for only 50 cents, 2theloo also offers personal care products, gadgets, or a cup of coffee for sale. Treurniet came up with the idea late 2009, when he was looking for a restroom for his daughters in the Center of Brugge. Only three years down the road 2theloo is about to open its 150th store, with locations in several European cities. Just recently Treurniet and his partner, Almar Holtz, struck a deal with Shell to operate restrooms at gas stations all over the world. As a tribute to his partner and friend he wants 2theloo to grow into a market leader with its genuine concept. 'With the Shell-deal, with a prospect of 2,500 stores, it's just a matter of time,' said Holtz.


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