Heavy windgusts for Wednesday

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The KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) issued a "code yellow" for the coastal provinces and Limburg, due to increasing winds from the South with gusts around 80 km/h. Wednesday afternoon and evening a gusty wind will make landfall with force 9 gusts in the Northwest, according to Weerplaza. Code yellow stands for dangerous weather.

The winds are expected to increase in strength over the next couple of hours. By late afternoon a force 8 wind is expected along the coast, with gusts up to 100km/h. The wind is expected to decrease in force overnight, although it will remain strong. The wind will be accompanied by some precipitation from sea. Thursday should only see some moderate winds and some precipitation. Due to a combination of cold air from the north and east of Europe being blocked, and a depression over Great Britain, this winter is windy and turbulent. Temperatures are high for the time of the year, ranking this winter third on the list of warmest winters on record, with an average of 5.8'C (42 F). The first official storm for 2014 was measured this pas Sunday with force 9 winds in IJmuiden, according to Weeronline.