NS hires "flirt" coach

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The NS hired a "flirt" coach for four short courses in the train from Amsterdam to Maastricht on Wednesday. The coach will teach travelers to flirt with fellow passengers during their trip. 25 percent of travelers make eye contact with fellow travelers or even go so far as to flirt, according to a small study among 650 travelers, conducted by the Dutch Railways in the context of the upcoming Valentine's Day.

However, only 3 percent ever had a romance with another traveler. A train is an ideal location to practice flirting, according to coach Esther Populier, because of the abundance of practice material. 'A good flirt takes time, however, so your chances of success are slim. Your flirt can get off the train at the next station,' said Populier, who goes on to say: 'just enjoy the eye contact; you don't even need to address the person.' The coach shared some tips for those who have no business in the train from Amsterdam to Maastricht on Wednesday. 'Strike a pose that sends out the message you like someone,' and 'give the person your full attention.' 'The feelings you transfer are more important than the words you speak, after all, you can even talk about a peanut butter sandwich,' said the coach.