Train wagon leaks dangerous chemical

A dangerous chemical, Acrylonitril, leaked from an empty railway tank wagon, Thursday, in the "Kijfhoek" railway yard in Zwijndrecht. The leak was repaired with no permanent damage to the surroundings, according to the fire department. Train traffic was interrupted during the operation.

Alarmed by an odor, an inspection quickly learned that the dangerous chemical leaked from a valve on the topside of the carriage. Several fire departments responded to the call, and there were fire fighters in chemical protective suits. The NS ceased all train traffic between Lombardijen and Zwijndrecht, because the passenger trains pass the railway yard. Acrylonitril, also known as acrylnitril, is a colorless, highly flammable, and very toxic liquid. Passengers were transported by busses, with a delay of over an hour, but nobody got hurt.