Arnhem home harbors 56 malnourished cats

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In a Arnhem home 56 emaciated, sick cats were found, in a home that was filthy with feces and urine, reported the society for prevention of animal cruelty. After complaints from the neighbors about foul odors, the National Inspectorate for Animal Protection (LID), the animal police East-Netherlands, and Animal Shelter Arnhem went over for an inspection.

In addition to the two inhabitants of the home, they encountered dozens of emaciated cats in poor health, many of them with eye conditions. The home was scattered with feces, urine, food, and cat litter. The air was laden with the smell of ammonia. There were only six litter boxes available to the cats.  'The health of human and animal were in serious jeopardy,' said a LID spokesperson Thursday. The residents got an ultimatum until Wednesday to clean everything up, vent the home, and contact a veterinarian. However, upon return of the authorities nothing had been done, and the shelter, police, and LID proceeded to move the cats to a shelter.