Dutch want to choose own city mayors

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Almost 60 percent of Dutch people are in favor of electing a chosen mayor.  Of these people 44 percent want to go to the polls themselves rather than leaving the choice up to the Municipal Council. This according to the internal governing board Binnenlands Bestuur on the basis of an inquiry from I&O Research of just under 9500 Dutch people. The investigation is a direct result of the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal), who decided this weekend, on behalf of faction leader Buma, to be a proponent of the chosen mayor.

The largest basis for a chosen mayor is found in people with a political preference for PVV, 50PLUS and the SP. Two out of three people who vote for PvdA, VVD or CDA, are also in favor of a chosen mayor, but are divided on the question if the Municipal Council can choose the citizens.