City throws out 46,000 guilders with trash

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The Amsterdam district South presumable threw out 46,000 guilders with the trash, when it disposed of discarded furniture that was stored in a former district office. The money was found at a waste station in Hoorn, where one of the cabinets were presented.

The waste processing company filed a police report stating four cash boxes were found in a cabinet, containing 46,000 guilders. The origin of the money is unknown, and will be difficult to trace, since several districts were merged in recent years, according to a spokesperson for the district. 'District South is not short any money,' writes the district in a letter to the City. The Dutch Guilder was the official Dutch currency until the introduction of the Euro, on January 1st, 2002. The Euro was introduced simultaneously in 12 European countries. The money has been stored in a safe at a value storage company until the origin is known.