Fatal burglary triggers neighborhood investigation

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Following a burglarythat cost the life of the 73-year-old victim, Friday evening, 25 police officers will conduct a neighborhood investigation today in Westenholte in Zwolle. The victim died Saturday from the injuries she sustained when she came face to face with the burglar. Police are talking to neighbors and searching for clues that may help track down the robber.

Based on a description, police are looking for a man in his twenties, with short blond, spiky hair. The victim came face to face with the burglar as she opened her front door with the intent to go in, while he was coming out. He violently shoved her aside. The victim made an unfortunate fall and died a day later. Neighbors started a neighborhood watch this weekend as a result of a spike in burglaries in the neighborhood. Police do not object to the initiative, as long as the neighborhood watch keeps in close contact with the police.