Man dead three years found at home

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The corpse of a 67-year-old man was found in a home on the Veeteeltstraat in Amsterdam East, Tuesday January 28, who's been dead since at least 2011, according to police reports. Although the cause of death had not yet been officially determined, the police informant ruled out a crime.

The corpse was reportedly found in the shower of the home, according to neighbors. They describe the victim as "withdrawn, " "keeping to himself." The neighbors reportedly complained about an odor several times, which the housing corporation Stadgenoot claimed to know nothing about. Community Health Services (GGD) reported in October last year a corpse is found in a home every other day, averaging 5 a year for the Amsterdam region. Last year November a 10-year-old corpse was found of a woman in a Rotterdam home. About a month later a woman sounded the alarm because she hadn't seen her neighbor in while. With the story about the Rotterdam woman fresh in mind she decided to call the housing corporation, who in turn called the police. Her concern proved real when the police found his corpse in the home.