VVD asylum plan draws ire

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VVD MP Malik Azmani drew the ire from the opposition today when he suggested to more often detain asylum seekers who were denied, but refuse to leave.

The opposition accused Azmani of deviating from his party's policy to gain popularity votes, with City Council elections on the doorstep.

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The PVV, who is in favor of detaining denied asylum seekers, speaks of voter deception.

SP and GroenLinks also attacked Azmani, who denied the accusations and explained he based his conclusion on a report showing that denied asylum seekers are more likely to leave when they're returned to alien detention.

PvdA coalition partner focuses more on not detaining families with children. The PvdA is supported in this view by D66, SP, GroenLinks, and ChristenUnie. The party asked State Secretary of Justice, Fred Teeven, to come up with an alternative for families who are about to be deported.