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How do you get ahead in politics? Why, you turn yourself into an internet meme of course!

This is just what Willem Bos, Council Member for the D66 party in Zoetermeer, has done in an effort to make himself more popular.

Bos would like to portray himself as a very involved politician, and has taken to photoshop to paste his likeness into various photographs.

He attaches his handiwork to pieces he regularly writes for the regional media, about issues that he feels strongly about.

Last summer, for example, Bos was witness to a bicycling accident. The politician wrote an article for de Weekkrant urging the public to be more aware of cyclists. Beside the text, he placed a photo in which his own head is pasted on top of the scene of the accident. The caption reads: "Willem Bos is witness to an accident on the much-discussed junction of the Zegwaartseweg."

This is now Bos' signature move. His cut-and-paste head now appears in many other pictures, like next to a row of trees under threat of being cut down, at a proposed location for a new care center. He wants everyone to know he is a caring and omnipresent politician.

Political memes are very popular. There was Hillary Clinton's 'Texts From Hillary' meme and Obama's 'The Situation Room', among many many others. The difference with Willem Bos is that he seems to have started his own meme.

The internet has now taken over and offered its own versions of Willem Bos was er ook (Willem Bos was there too) images.


Source: @Kos_


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