Cat survives gut shot

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A cat narrowly survived being shot with a pellet gun in Nijkerkerveen on Monday.

“Our sweet Raccoon survived, but she does have a punctured kidney,” sculpture Jan-Carel Koster wrote on Facebook after finding the furry feline bleeding from a gut wound. A doctor operated on the animal and she was expected to pull through. Koster wrote that he thought filing a report with the police would be a waste of time. “They won’t do anything unless we have a picture of the person who has this on his conscience, and one of him committing the act.” Disgusted, he said sarcastically: "These days it looks like even cats need bulletproof vests in Nijkerkerveen." The animal cruelty nevertheless sent shocks through the community. It's the third time in a matter of weeks that cruelty against cats has made the news.