VVD, Socialists to spend most on local elections

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A survey from NOS Nieuws revealed that the national VVD and SP have the biggest budgets reserved for the campaigns for City council elections in March this year; that is presumably, because the PvdA is the only party that did not want to disclose its budget.

The VVD has reserved 1 million euros, twice as much as for the elections 4 years ago. The decision to double the budget was made around that time, pressed to do so by former chairman Opstelten, who didn't think the campaign budget was sufficient.

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The SP has a budget of 750,000 euros. The Party for the Animals spends the least with only 34,000 euros, same as last time.

These budget amounts pertain to the national parties, the local fractions can also spend money on campaigning. The VVD will only partake in the elections in Almere and The Hague, The 50Plus party passes.

The PvdA spent 1 million euros on the City council elections in 2010, but will not disclose its budget for this year's elections.

The funding of the VVD is mainly acquired through a broad network of national, fundraising foundations, and local foundations that raise funds among the members, friends, and entrepreneurs. In 2012, the local foundations managed to raise an amount of 680,000 euros, which was primarily spent on the elections for Parliament. In contrast the SP and the PvdA rely solely on their local fractions for funding.