Ajax fires volunteer after sex scandal

Football club Ajax has fired a volunteer who was under suspicion of sexual abuse of junior league players.

The man has been stripped of all his tasks, Ajax stated today. The decision was made “after due consideration” about whether to continue the relationship with the prominent volunteer who 30 years ago held various official functions with the club.

Ajax had already forbidden the volunteer to enter its dressing rooms as of last year, after a junior league player swore under oath that he had been sexually abused by the man. Subsequent investigations proved the allegations to be untrue, but the volunteer was still considered a risk factor and apparently he did commit questionable acts. Aside from banning the man from the dressing rooms, Ajax also forbade him to contact junior league players. He could also no longer give instructions to the ball boys.

Ajax ruled that the man may retain his membership and that will be allowed to continue visiting the junior league complex.

The disgraced volunteer has said through his lawyer that he accepts the club’s decision, but pointed out that he never committed any questionable acts and that there have been no new incriminating reports about him recently.