Groningen slows down

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A procession of 700 cars slowly made its way from Groningen to Zuidbroek, Saturday morning, over the A7 freeway, passing by several gas drilling locations.

Residents from Groningen organized the parade to protest against the government plans for their province. The "slow down" campaign on the freeway caused traffic to be backed up for 5.5 miles.

slow down Groningen
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The union FNV, who organized the campaign, thinks the government underestimates the problems in Groningen.

Many cars were decked out with banners, displaying the text "Gas Terug" (cut back on gas[drilling]), and banners from companies going through financial hardship, such as Aldel, that went bankrupt at the start of the year. Leading the procession was a truck with a banner that stated: "First our gas, then our homes, now our jobs."

During the so-called people's debate in Zuidbroek, FNV chairman Heerts called on the government to reserve 20 million euros to bail out Aldel and its suppliers. 800 people's jobs are on the line.

Earlier Saturday minister Kamp, who had already met with concerned citizens in Loppersum on Friday, spoke with about 200 Groningen residents about the government's plans to cut back on gas drilling in Groningen and to compensate the region financially for the damages.