Retirement at 67 hard

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Many Dutch do not expect to be able to keep working until the age of 67 according to a study by market researcher GfK among 1,000 workers, Friday.

More than 40 percent of the surveyed fear they won't even make to the new retirement age, but the average worker does expect to be able to keep working until 65.5.


The most common used retirement age is 65, once determined by Bismarck (a German 19th Century head of state), because most workers did not reach that age. Because people are growing older, that age has been upped in most European countries.

The study shows Dutch would prefer to retire around 64.2, although the age group up to 34 prefers to retire earlier, at the age of 63.5.

Only 16 percent are inclined to keep working until 67 or older.