Missing Head Mystery Solved

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Redmond O'Hanlon, VPRO anchor man and actor, discovered the missing head of a notorious Cannibal leader from Papua New Guinea, during the filming of his series, O'Hanlons Heroes, reported the broadcaster today.O'Hanlon had read about the special artifact in the travel reports of the Italian world traveler, Luigi D'Albertis (1841-1901).

Luke Brindley
Wikimedia commons

After a long search the presenter located the head during a visit to the home of the surviving family of D'Alberties. The artifact was stored in the attic of a small museum in Florence.

The head has been in the possession of the museum for some time now, but is not on display for fear the tribe may reclaim the head of their former leader.

O'Hanlon relives the adventures of his 19th century heroes in his program: explorers, traveling the world and making the wildest discoveries.  For his second season, which will air this winter, O'Hanlon traveled to Papua New Guinea, where the head of the notorious cannibal leader was taken in the 19th century, after which it disappeared in Italy.

O'Hanlon's quest will be broadcasted on January 12 and 19 on Nederland 2.