12 schools to start bilingual education trials

From next school year, a total of 12 elementary schools in the Netherlands will start trials of bilingual education, Secretary for the Ministry of Education Sander Dekker said on Wednesday.

Classroom / Wikipedia

The bilingual schools will offer classes to students from kindergarten. They will offer traditional lessons such as gym, geography and biology in English.

The schools will spent half of their teaching time in English.

Dekker said that it is very important for Dutch children to learn speak English in addition to Dutch.

In 2015, eight more schools will participate in the project. The performance of 20 participating schools will be evaluated in 2019.

The 12 participating schools include: The Hague School Association in The Hague; The Polle in Marsum; The Blijenberg Rotterdam; The Lanteerne Nijmegen; Talent in Lent; The Violins School in Hilversum; The Wilge in Hilversum; The Children's Campus in Hilversum; The Groningen Schoolvereniging Groningen; The International School in Eindhoven; The Prince in Enschede; and Fisher School in Amsterdam.