Serial sex offender on the loose

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A call in the TV program "Opsporing Verzocht," requesting information about the wanted sex offender,Mouad Ben Salah, yielded the Amsterdam police about 20 tips until this afternoon.

The 27-year-old Mouad Ben Salah is suspected of a number of serious violent and sexual offenses in the capital. Because the police fears he will strike again, his identity was made public on TV. Moreover, he was added to the national "wanted" list per yesterday.

mouad ben salah
sex offender
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The police will investigate the tips and can not yet say whether the new information is useful.

It is extremely important that Ben Salah be arrested soon, according to the police.  Early December Ben Salah committed several serious sexual offenses, using extreme violence.

The suspect is 1.59 meters tall and has a distinctive crooked nose. He was often seen in the center of town and in Amsterdam West, but the police do not rule out he is now hiding elsewhere in the country.