Cat in Groningen did get blown up

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A seven-month-old cat got her head blown off by fireworks on Sunday.

This news that broke today shattered comforting reports that the two dead cats in Amersfoort had not been killed by coldblooded firework vandals on December 31st.

Dagblad van het Noorden reports that the owner of Davy the cat in Groningen actually heard the bang of the fireworks that killed the animal; he was inside the house while his two kittens were playing outside, and apparently someone stuck a firecracker into Davy’s mouth and lit it. She was found lying in the garden, her little head literally blown to bits.

Police searched the neighborhood, but they have not been able to track down who did it. “We hope someone saw something,” a spokesman said.

This news from Groningen comes after reports yesterday that examinations show that the cats Luna and Kattie in Amersfoort had not been blown up. Initial fears had been that Luna was critically injured on Old Year’s day, when someone pushed a firecracker into her anal cavity and fired it off. Her injuries were that bad that she had to be euthanized. Kattie was found on the roadside, bleeding for her mouth. Fears were that she had been dumped in a ditch and then pummeled with fireworks.

While there were no indications that the cases were connected, it now turns out that neither cat showed fireworks related burns and wounds.