Dogs rescued from animal hoarder

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Police removed ten malnourished and badly kept dogs from the care of a man in Oss on Monday; it was the umpteenth time, police reported on

one of the malnourished dogs @dierenpolitieOB

The ten dogs were found ill-kept in the 77-year-old animal hoarder’s house, when officers from the Animal Police Force and the National Inspectorate of Animal Protection LID, went to inspect on Monday.  It was a routine inspection of the address, as a follow-up on previous visits when they found dozens of badly kept animals. The animals were given in care of the Department of Regulations of the Economic Affairs Ministry. Police say they would return the dogs, when and if the man is able to prove that he improved the housing for his ten dogs, and when he has paid the costs for their current lodging. They also hint that it is not likely as the man never followed these instructions before.


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