1.2m visit Anne Frank House in 2013

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Nearly 1.2 million people visited the Anne Frank House in 2013. The museum on the Prinsengracht saw an increase of about 42,000 guests to 1,195,456.

Some 78 percent of the museum's patrons were from outside the Netherlands. Half a million others attended a traveling exhibition about the young girl in the Secret Annex during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. The exhibition made stops in over thirty countries.

People waiting to enter the Anne Frank House in 2008 (Massimo Catarinella/Wikimedia)

"This allows us to accomplish the mission of Otto Frank, who created our foundation, and who wanted to bring worldwide attention to the life of his daughter," said Ronald Leopold, the director of the non-profit organization that runs the museum.

A press release estimates that 3.4 million individuals visited the website of the Anne Frank Stichting.

The Secret Annex, as Anne Frank described it in her diary, is the somewhat hidden extension to the building on Prinsengracht that was practically invisible to neighbors peering through their windows.