PVV: Break EU rules to help Aldel

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The Groningen offices of political party PVV want the Netherlands to do whatever possible to save aluminum smelting company Aldel from bankruptcy, even if it means breaking European regulations. The company has over €24 million in debt, and is losing €1.2 million monthly.

The PVV told RTV Noord it wants the Dutch and Groningen government to force power companies to reduce energy costs for Aldel, something the debt-laden company said would be necessary to stay open. The aluminum smelter had been working on a plan to get energy from cheaper German providers, but that plan would not be online until 2016.

It notified its 550 contract and temporary employees of an impending bankruptcy yesterday. Based near Delfzijl, the company's 550 jobs would likely be lost, and an additional 300 could be laid off by the companies that supply Aldel with goods and materials.

The PVV is against Netherlands integration with Europe, and has repeatedly called for a quick exit from both the EU and the euro, something economists and political scientists say would do more harm than good.


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