Fireworks hotline back online

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The hotline Firework Nuisance is online again. The site became inaccessible Thursday after a second cyber attack.The security of the website has been increased, according to one of the initiators, Arno Bonte. The site was set up by 15 local GroenLinks fractions. Bonte is chairman of the Rotterdam fraction.

Marcus Rangell
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The hotline officially came online on Sunday afternoon. Wednesday evening the site went down after a first cyber attack, which lasted until Thursday morning. The site had only been back up for a few hours when a second cyber attack caused it to become inaccessible again.

So far 10,500 complaints have been registered through the site.

Last year the hotline was also targeted by a cyber attack. 'Such an attack is actually very difficult to counter,' said Bonte. 'Bank websites also have their weak spots. The hotline is secured, just as the database.'

Legal sales of fireworks starts Saturday. 'That is when nuisance will increase exponentially.' Bonte confirms that illegal fireworks this year is again heavier than previous years. There is also more damage to mailboxes, bus shelters, and sheds.