More 'altruistic' kidney donors

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More and more people opt to donate a kidney to a stranger during the course of their lives. In 2007 there were only 6 so-called "altruistic" donors, in 2013 that number increased to 41.The increase can be explained by the increase in the amount of information on the subject, reaching the public. Altruistic donation is fairly new, according to the Transplantation foundation.

kidney transplant
Tareq Salahuddin

In 2011 Anton Dautzenberg wrote the autobiography "Samaritaan," about his choice to donate a kidney to a stranger.

Approximately 400 kidneys of living donors are transplanted each year. Most of those go to acquaintances or family members of the donors.

The benefit of a living donor is that the quality of the kidney is better than that of a deceased donor. A "post mortal" kidney functions approximately 10 years after transplant, compared to 20 years of that of a living donor.