Longest concert ever in Leeuwarden

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The concert "Serious Record" in Leeuwarden is the longest concert in the world as of Saturday night. It lasted 363 hours, over 15 days.The old record was held by a pub in a suburb of Detroit, where artists performed for 360 hours straight two years ago.

"Serious Record" started on December 6. After a week the event moved to a different concert hall, where the performances continued until Saturday night.

Noud de Greef
Wikimedia commons

The record of 363 hours still needs to be approved. In order to qualify for a spot in the Guinness Book of Records the breaks between acts should not exceed 5 minutes, and the minimum amount of visitors should be ten at all times.

The "move" to the "Romein Pop podium," where the concert was going to be wrapped up, was accompanied by the Amsterdam Klezmer Band, who performed a walking show, in order to meet the requirements.

The proceeds of the concert will also go to the 3FM campaign "," which is also held in Leeuwarden. It is not yet known how much the "Serious Record" campaign yielded.