Ban "Kids" from nederlands

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An updated survey by the Institute for Dutch Lexicology revealed that most participants want to kick "kids" out of the Dutch language. Of 10,000 Dutch and Flemish voters, "Kids" received forty percent of the voting.

The Dutch speakers think the word "kinderen" is nicer, the group said.

"Dagdagelijks" is one of the words some would like to see stripped from the Dutch language (photo: Zack Newmark/NL Times)

"YOLO," as in "You Only Live Once," took 14% of the vote, while "swag," like the English word "swagger," finished in third with seven percent.

The survey started with roughly 800 words, before being narrowed down to the top contenders, which also included "absoluut," for "absolutely," "papadag," to describe a father's day off to stay home with their child, and "dagdagelijks," a play on the German word "tagtäglich," another way of saying "daily".

The Institute for Dutch Lexicology, or INL, calls itself the protector of the "treasury of the Dutch language." The group is based in Leiden, with offices in Antwerp, Belgium.