Couple Busted for Ticket Fix

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A couple, employed by the City of Zaanstad, wiped dozens of fines from the computer system of the City. It concerned driving offenses they had committed.The man worked in the "Enforcement" department and had access to the penalty system. He deleted the many outstanding fines from the system so they would not have to pay them. His wife worked for the City as well, but in a different department.

parking ticket

The fraud occurred months ago, according to a City spokesperson. The practices of the couple were investigated and evidence was found that the fines had indeed been deleted from the system. The fraud concerned fines that are collected by the City, and not by the police, such as driving down a street where it is prohibited during certain times, according to the spokesperson.

The couple was already suspended, and were discharged Tuesday. The City of Zaanstad filed a police report.