Van Gogh Repros for $35000!

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam partnered with Fujifilm Belgium to offer a series of museum certified reproductions of Van Gogh paintings at $35,000 each, according to ArtLyst website.

Inside the Van Gogh Museum / Wikipedia

The prints are called The Van Gogh Museum Edition, and the current collection includes: Almond Blossoms (1890), Boulevard de Clichy (1887), The Harvest (1888), Sunflowers (1889) and Wheatfield under Thunderclouds (1890).

The collection will debut at the 19th Annual LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center in United States from January 15 through January 19. Visitors will be able to see the most advanced technique for replicating Van Gogh’s art in full three-dimensional detail.