Stadium Renovation could hit €141 mil

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Foundation "Red de Kuip"(safe de Kuip) will present a modified plan for the renovations of the Feyenoord stadium to the shareholders. The managements from both the soccer clubs and de Kuip, who earlier opposed the plans, will also be present during the presentation, announced Erwin Eekelaar of "Red de Kuip."The previous plan of the foundation was estimated at 117 million euros. Some important adjustments raised the cost up to 141 million euros. In the new plan the municipality is asked as a guarantor for 40 million euros, compared to the previous 200 million the city board agreed to earlier, and that includes land purchases.

The new plan also provides dry seating for all guests, in contrast to the earlier plan. The players will still play outdoors. In addition to a bigger roof, the business facilities have been improved, so guests in the business seats can more easily network. Earlier plans did not have that option. The walk ways for the public have also been improved.

Eekelaar is optimistic the improved plan will get the support of not only the shareholders, but also of the managements of the club and the stadium. 'We already hear reports that our plan has made it to the top 3,'according to Eekelaar.

Plans for a new Rotterdam stadium were rejected in July this year, because a majority of the city council did not agree with the plans. D66 had the deciding vote in the final dismissal of plans for a completely new stadium.