Company rejects 'black' intern

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An electronics company in Arnhem rejected an applicant for an internship because of his skin color. The company accidentally sent him an internal email.An acquaintance of the applicant posted a picture of the email on Twitter, showing the body of the message. The message mentions the interviewer reviewed the applicant, but he wasn't worth the trouble. Reasons for the rejection included a mention that the candidate is dark-skinned (a negro), and his résumé barely contains computer experience.

discriminatory email

The applicant was initially shocked and at a loss how to respond, but then decided to file a report with the police for discrimination.

The electronics company reportedly sent him a second email, with apologies. In the email the company explained they have a dark-skinned employee who also uses the same  terminology.

The dark man to whom reference was made in the e-mail also responded. He denied the terminology being used within the company and said he was fired two months ago.

The owner of the company in Arnhem said the rejection email was a big mistake, and offered his apologies to anyone who feels offended. He also apologized to the family of the applicant over the phone.

The owner stated he knew nothing of the email. After reading the applicant's CV he wanted to invite him for a follow-up. The company is considering which disciplinary measures to take against the employee who sent the rejection email, but there will definitely be consequences, according to the owner.