Missing toddler possibly in the Netherlands

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The Belgian authorities have issued a 'missing person alert'. 4-year-old toddler Caroline Lennertz from Eupen may be in The Netherlands with her ​​father, Roger.The Belgian took his daughter with him a week and a half ago, under extremely distressing circumstances. The police fear the man may hurt himself and his daughter, or that may already be the case, but they are completely in the dark about the whereabouts of the two. Meanwhile, a search for the two has been initiated in Germany as well.


Caroline is almost 1.20 meters tall, weighs 22 pounds and has a normal physique and brown , medium length hair. When the toddler disappeared she was wearing a pink dress and jacket with pink and purple diamonds. Her father, Roger, is 1.80 meters tall and has dark hair. Noteworthy is a recent injury to his forehead. The man was wearing jeans and an orange-red sweater when he took Caroline. He drives a dark blue Peugeot 208 with Belgian license plate 1 -118 - BAQ .

People with information about this case can contact police at 0800 6070.