Fire Flight: Under Investigation (update)

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A Boeing 767 of the Portuguese charter airline, Euro Atlantic Airways, continued to its destination in Paramaribo, Wednesday, despite apparently serious problems at the start from the airport. The plane landed safely, but is now on the ground in Suriname for repair. Airplane enthusiast Thorsten Urbanek published a series of photos of the incident on the site,, which has since shut down. The pictures show a smoke plume coming out of the right engine during take-off, followed by a blowtorch like fire from the same engine.

Flames shooting from the rear of a Euro Atlantic after take-off in Amsterdam. The plane landed safely in Suriname nine hours later (photo: Thorsten Urbanek)

In a statement, Surinam Airways publically asked the plane's owner, Euro Atlantic, for a detailed report about the incident and the plane's maintenance history. They say an investigation is ongoing.

Passengers and crew reported hearing a loud bang shortly after the aircraft departed from Schiphol Wednesday morning at 11.11 hours. Euro Atlantic Airways temporarily operated the flight from Amsterdam to Paramaribo, because of a mechanical issue with the scheduled Surinam Airways (SLM) plane.

A preliminary report by the SLM crew on board the hired flight describes the bang and the fire that followed. Flames and smoke was observed at the outlet of the right engine, after take-off. The captain attempted to allay the passengers fears by assuring them his instruments did not indicate an unsafe situation.

The aircraft was grounded upon arrival at Zanderij to inspect the engine concerned.