Angolans invite Powned

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The Angolan ambassador invited Powned president, Dominique Weesie, to discuss the assault on a reporter from the broadcaster.Reporter Danny Ghosen got assaulted by an embassy employee, while working on an item about illegal parking of diplomats.

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Weesie accepted the invitation of the Angolan ambassador, on the condition that he give a TV-interview after the meeting and is now awaiting his consent.

The police are interrogating the embassy employee who attacked the reporter. The Ministry of Foreign affairs announced earlier the suspect does not have a diplomatic status and may be prosecuted.

Danny Ghosen, the reporter who was assaulted while working on an item, suffered a concussion, a bruised jaw, and a loose tooth, according to the Powned director. She hopes the Angolan ambassador will apologize, especially to Ghosen, who is shaken by the incident.