Son murdered couple compensated

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The son of the Vis couple, who was long suspected of murdering his parents, received a compensation of 30,000 euros, which is substantially lower than his claim of almost 100,000 euros.

The man was arrested in 2010 for involvement in the death of his parents. He was detained for three months. In the three years after his release he remained a suspect in the case. Since June this year, he is no longer a suspect.

His lawyer demanded a compensation which is ten times more than in the guidelines for state compensation, which he deemed justified because the son of the couple Vis has been in the media a lot.

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Alan Cleaver

The court agrees the son suffered above average damage, but considers the amount of 32,000 euros, three times more than normal, an appropriate reimbursement.

The Vis couple was found dead in their home in Vollenhove in 2009 . The man of 63 and his wife of 60 were stabbed and shot to death.

The case received widespread attention through, among others, "Opsporing Verzocht" and Peter R. de Vries. The killer(s) have not been caught.