Twenty tips on Heul Girl

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Police received twenty tips after the broadcast of "Opsporing Verzocht" on the Heul Girl, who was murdered in 1976. A spokesperson calls it an excellent result.

The victim was found death in October 1976 in a shallow grave by the 'De Heul' parking along the A12 at Maarsbergen. The case was never solved, and the girl's identity is still a mystery.

Tommy Gilligan
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Yesterday, the police announced they are looking for two men who possibly dumped the body of the girl may by the parking lot. Research revealed she was between 12 and 15 old and her early years were spent in Germany. Presumably her killers held her captive for a long time.

The twenty tips last night included the name of a possible suspect, and who is now in his seventies. The name of a missing German girl was mentioned. The police is going to investigate all the tips.