Exam Fraud with transmitters

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A 29 - year-old The Hague resident was arrested for systematic exam fraud . He transmitted the correct answers of a safety exam for contractors to participants, using transmitting equipment.

The man was caught in the act during an exam in Zwijndrecht. He presumably used this method during dozens of exams and probably received several hundred euros per candidate. Broadcasting equipment  was seized in his house.


A social affairs spokesperson did not want to elaborate on how the fraud was committed. It is possible more suspects will be arrested and revealing details may interfere with the investigation. A number of candidates who received answers are known to barely speak Dutch. Still, they took the technical exam in Dutch.

The certificate obtained after passing the exam, is required for working in a high-risk environment. The Social Affairs Inspectorate assumes candidates who don't master the theory, fraudulently passed the exam, which could lead to dangerous situations.

The certificates of candidates involved in the fraud will be revoked.