Underground space found in investigation Patrick S.

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Defense staff found an underground space in a forest in the South Holland Simonshaven. Wednesday and Thursday, they were combing through the woods, looking for possible hide-outs of murder suspect Patrick S., reported the police.Whether the underground space was made by S. from Spijkenisse​​, is still unclear. So far, nothing was found in the cavity, located in the forest of the Nieuwe Schuddebeursepolder near Spijkenisse is, but in the next few days it will be more closely examined, according to a police spokesperson.

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During the trial against S. it became clear the man had made underground cellars. Earlier this year S. was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of Farida Zargar and Nanda Kerklaan.

The police came onto him after he was arrested for robbery. Belongings of the missing Zargar were found in his house. She was later found dead. S. appealed the sentence.

In 2011 hundreds of items were found in the house of S. of which the origin is still unclear. A large number of these items is listed on politie.nl.

Earlier this month it was announced that fourteen items were loot from burglaries. The goods were returned to their rightful owners.