16 Arrests after raid on camp

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During a raid on a trailer home settlement Thursday morning in Den Bosch, the police arrested sixteen people, suspected of money laundering.All 29 occupants of the camp , including six children, were lifted from their beds around 6:00 am. They were relocated with two buses.

About three hundred police officers, and employees of the Public Ministry , the Tax Administration, the IRS , Defence and the City engaged in the operation. The services call the camp a sanctuary, a place the government has difficulty maintaining.

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The police was busy all day researching the area of the settlement at the Deutersestraat , consisting of ten trailer homes. The search was focused on cash, luxury goods, debit cards, and title deeds . Fire arms were found in several locations.

The City is checking for illegal structures. The power company is also present, because of unauthorized electricity usage.

The settlement and the surrounding area off limits to the public until the investigation is finished, which will take some time to complete, according to the police.