Child Pornography risk-free crime

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The completely anonymous use of the Internet makes it almost impossible to address child pornography. Making and using child pornography is therefore a risk-free crime, according to Troels Oerting, head of European cyber crime of the European police organization Europol.Oerting points to the so-called "darknet" of Internet and networks that people can use completely anonymous. Criminals use these networks, but also activist groups who don't want to be discovered.

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Friday Europol disclosed research results of the method of producers and users of child pornography. Criminals increasingly carry out orders from customers. They 'order' children, determine what actions should be carried out with them and watch the abuse live via webcam.

This makes addressing child pornography almost impossible. When posting and viewing movies,  the IP address is often traceable. The webcam practice, however, makes it next to impossible to find the perpetrators, states Oerting.

Oerting advocates for a political discussion on the desirability of complete anonymity on the Internet. For the sake of privacy, people get away with these crimes, but must we still accept this in the future, according to the European cyber crime head.