Kramer And Wüst Ready For Skating Season

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On Friday the Dutch national championships ice skating will start. Multi gold medal winners Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst are ready for the job.

On Friday the men will start with the 5 km and the 500 m races. For the 5 km race Kramer will race against Jan Blokhuijsen.  Blokhuijsen was last years' runner-up, so the 9th race will be a very interesting one. 

On the first day of the Dutch championships the women only take the 1500m. Ireen Wüst will ride against Laurine van Riessen in the 13th match.

Ireen Wüst, going for three times gold in Sotsji -


Both Kramer and Wüst, focus this season on the Olympics in Sotsji. The approach of Kramer is to focus on the long distances, the 5km and 10km. The 1500m will just be something extra. Wüst goes for gold on the 1000m, 1500m and the 3000m

Coach Gerard Kemkers is the one who has to guide his pupils in the race for a record number of gold medals. "Silver is not good enough for Sven and Ireen. We have to focus in the coming weeks and must try to get into shape while being easy. Everything for Sotsji."